Water is one of our most elementary resources and its value is increasing on account of depleting resources. Water management and water technology are increasingly gaining in importance in this process.

Since 1976 we as BIOGEST™ AG have maintained a top position in the handling of domestic waste water – with determined diligence, great ideas and patents, with commitment and enthusiasm. BIOGEST is your solution provider for plants and products from water, waste water and environmental technology, for your concepts, plans, for delivery and construction.

Rainwater treatment, flood control, wastewater treatment and sludge treatment are our business activities which we offer nationally as well as internationally. The matching product ranges are:

We provide project-related counseling; moreover, we research and develop constantly for the purposes of reliable, durable and largely maintenance-free systems.

Our team, which co-operates closely, comprises 50 qualified engineers and employees. Highly motivated employees as well as a state-of-the-art machinery and all products from high-quality stainless steel grant flawless quality. In Taunusstein (near Frankfurt) you find except the manufacturing halls also our office buildings which consistently implementing our corporate philosophy from an architectural perspective: generating optimum effects in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.

BIOGEST in pictures:

BIOGEST – History

The medium-sized company with headquarters in Taunusstein was founded in 1976 by the wellknown sewage engineer Dipl.-Ing. Franz Kraska. Dipl.-Ing. Kraska was the pioneer of the first fully biological system sewage plants in the Federal Republic of Germany under the name OXIGEST for the US licensee Smith & Loveless. At that time business relations commenced with Richter Technik GmbH, one of the leading constructers of apparatus in the Rhine-Main area. From the very beginning the cooperation resulted in the realization of some major sewage plants, such as Adam Opel AG (Russelsheim works) and the Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus. The companies were mainly busy working on the construction of container and sewage works in the Middle East.

In 1988 Michael Richter und Richard Nicolay, the Managing Directors of Richter Technik GmbH, designed the ALPHEUS™ drain limiter and surge purification system with vacuum flushing with their own patents and brought these on to the sewage market as BIOGEST Gesellschaft fur Wassertechnik GmbH. In 1990 the two companies BIOGEST-Systemklaranlagen GmbH and BIOGEST Gesellschaft fur Wassertechnik GmbH were merged and all products and systems jointly marketed as BIOGEST Abwassertechnik GmbH. The reunification of Germany offered the opportunity of purchasing a division of the Dresdner Beton AG and setting up BIOGEST Dresden as an independent company (1992); however, it was spun off again four years later out of the previous company structure. In 1994 domestic and foreign activities necessitated the construction of a further production plant in Miehlen near Nastatten.

In the year 2000 the course was reset for the future. Richter Technik GmbH, BIOGEST Gesellschaft fur Wassertechnik GmbH and BIOGEST Abwassertechnik GmbH, which had been independent companies up to that point, merged and have been known since then as BIOGEST. GmbH. On May 14th, 2002 the company changed to the BIOGEST™ AG.


BIOGEST™ a solution provider for architectural and construction planning, technical consultation, delivery and construction of facilities and products of water, sewage and environmental technology on the domestic and international market. Sewage cleaning facilities and products from the rainwater sector made of high-quality materials like stainless steel and plastic. BIOGEST™ AG consists today of a team of qualified engineers, technicians, CAD designers and two production facilities (Taunusstein und Miehlen) with the most modern machine park for the construction of apparatus.

BIOGEST™ has been dealing with the manufacture of biological sewage plants since 1976, with the aim of designing them so procedural that above average flow values can be attained with as little power and service outlay as possible. The sewage technology favored by BIOGEST™ is based on the SBR method and is employed for the purification of sewage water for up to 100.000 population connected loads. The associated sewage technology components, the CROWN™- aeration turbine and the CROWN™- decantation system were also developed by BIOGEST™ and constantly improved over the last years in cooperation with the Technische Universitat (Institute of Technology) Darmstadt.

The end of the Eighties was characterized by a structural reorganization and the delivery program was supplemented by products like the ALPHEUS™ flow limiter – a throttle organ for bulk supply-free stabilization of the discharge amount, irrespective of the height of damming, from a rain retention system for wet and dry-well installations, the throttle slide valve – for the throttling of storm flows from catchments systems, surge purification systems – for the automatic cleaning of sole areas of freight holds, or the channel separator – for sewage separation, to divert sewage water from the storm sewer.

The successful establishment of these innovative technologies in the fields of discharge limitation and clarification of rainwater reservoirs still today encourages BIOGEST™ to concentrate on research and development. The main thing here is always to find a competent solution with a great deal of benefit for users, taking environmental guidelines into consideration and to guarantee these as reliable, durable and to a large extent maintenance free products for users like consulting engineers, technical authorities, towns and communities.

In 2002 the following new solutions were presented: the CROWN™-COMPACT-System (sewage treatment), the CROWN™-disintegration System (sludge treatment) and the for screening combined storm overflows.  In the last three years further solutions as the lamella baffle and the grit trap were be published.