Malaysia has officially opened in May 2014 a new Airport built specifically for the fast-growing budget-travel sector. KLIA2 authorities say the facility is the world´s largest built specifically for budget airlines. Kuala Lumpur has been at the core of a regional budget-travel boom credited in large part to AirAsia. KLIA2´s capacity is 45 Million passangers per year, and about 24 Million are expected in the first 12 month.

BIOGEST was part of this big project in consulting for the storm water solutions and supplying specially made flow regulators and non-return valves to handle the enormous amount of warter during heavy rain falls. With our long years experience in supplying equipment for airports all around the world, BIOGEST was chosen as a most suitable supplier for these big flow control solution together with our local Partner. Another successful story of the reliable and experienced products from BIOGEST, used all around the world.