The City of Visalia, California, USA has set the goal to improve energy efficiency and lowering operational cost of its Water Conservation Plant. In a competitive bid BIOGEST has been awarded to deliver the CROWN disintegration system in order to reduce the sludge amount and increase the biogas yield by up to 18%. After start-up in spring 2012 the plant will be able to produce more of its energy demand on site, resulting in a significant reduction of the plant’s carbon footprint. At the same time disposal costs will be saved due to the reduced amount of sludge. The BIOGEST system will initially treat an amount of 256 m³/d (9040 ft³/d) of secondary activated sludge, but is already designed to cope with the plant’s future upgrades. The skid-mounted system will be manufactured in Germany and then shipped to the construction site in California. The plug-and-play design allows for quick installation and start-up.

Press Release November 2011