Combined sewer overflows

With strong rainfall get a lot of solids unfiltered about the discharge thresholds and the following structures (sewage treatment plant) or onsite preflooders get dirty. The in the following explained equipments like the pump action screen and the lamella baffle can decrease this. They hold back the incoming swimming and suspended matter efficiently without hindering the discharge process in the sewer.

Floating scum baffle, Type SWTW

Floating scum baffle for solid retention of floating matters at stormwater overflows and CSO outlets. The vertical or radial floating baffles are suitable for strongly fluctuating water levels or high overflow levels as if moves with the water level up…» More

Circular lamella baffle, Type LTW-R

Effective solids retention without cross-flow or suction effect

Applications: Lamella baffle systems for round or relief thresholds for circular dam overflows in sewer systems (eg, cups or pots source)

Dimensions: A flexible system with respect to the structural geometry using adaptive system models

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Lamella baffle, Type LTW

Targeted retention of gross solids and floaters

Applications: The unit can be designed to suit most existing CSO chambers, and as it has no moving parts, is ideal for remote CSO’s. Type LTW-V retaining solids on an overflow basin from a storm storage system Type LTW-T retaining solids on an overflow within a cso system Type LTW-S retaining solids on an overflow from a storm storage system

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