Vacuum flushing systems

Vacflush is a patented vacuum system, used to clean tank floors and sewers without the need for hazardous man entry into the tank. As there is no requirement for man entry, a single maintenance engineer rather than a confined space team can carry out maintenance. Its simple and ingenious design means it is the future for tank and sewer flushing systems. With over 1000 installations carried out all over the world, Vacflush is a proven technology, ideal for hassle free and cost effective tank and sewer flushing.

Vacuum flushing system, Type MF, with energy

Flushing system, type MF for rectangular tanks is a vaccum technology with the result of a large surging volume of water that efficiently cleans the floor of sludge and other sewage related debris.

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Vacuum flushing system without energy, Type OF

Non-powered automatic flushing system Applications: flushing storm water, surface water, combined sewage/storm, raw sewage storage tanks & equalization basins Flows: Units designed and sized to suit your required design parameters

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