Penstocks, slide-, gates – or sluice – valves

Tilting Flap Weir

Tilting flap weir with rotating straight overflows for anchor bolting and lateral sealing plates. Tilting flap weirs according to DIN 19569-4 are flaps with sealing at 3-sides and will be used for regulation of water level in basin or to…» More

Hydraulic penstock

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Channel Separator Type KANTRE

Applications The channel separator is designed to be used in separate sewage systems. Its principal purpose is to separate contaminated surface water, such as domestic sewage from illegal connections as well as oil, grit and debris from road surfaces, from…» More

Float operated valve / penstock Type SA

The SA can be used when it is desirable to completely close a chamber inlet/outlet at a pre-determined water level within the chamber. The SA can be used to limit the top water level as well as a non-return valve.…» More

Penstock Type FS

High grade, robust, flat penstock made of 304 stainless steel, for Installation in front of the inlet or outlet of a shaft construction, according to German Institute for Standardization (DIN) 18202. The penstock of BIOGEST is sealed to all 4…» More