Wastewater treatment

BIOGEST AG realizes biological wastewater treatment plants in accordance to the SBR-process (“Sequencing-Batch-Reactor”) for the treatment of sewage. The CROWN-surface aerator and the CROWN-decanting system are equipments of sewage treatment plants.

CROWN pond water aeration type TBL

BIOGEST AG developed the CROWN pond water aeration system type TBL for permanent and effective aeration of waste water treatment lagoons. The CROWN pond water aeration type TBL is very simple to retrofitting in existing pond water treatment system and…» More

SBR-Wastewater treatment plant

Maximum purification with minimum footprint

Typical for the SBR-process is the combination of the procedural functions “Aeration” and “Clarification” in one reaction tank. SBR-wastewater treatment plants of BIOGEST AG can be simply realized also under hindered project conditions (tourism areas, recreation centers, tower buildings etc.).

Plant sizes: 100 p.e. up to 30.000 p.e.

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PURITAINER – mobile wastewater treatment plant

PURITAINER – the mobile wastewater treatment plant for many purposes

Application: For the biological treatment of domestic sewage. Ideal applications include camps, settlements, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and sanitariums, barracks, campsites and holiday villages.

Dimensions: Manufactured in various sizes possible; the modular arrangement of the system can be expanded very easy.

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CROWN – decanting system, Type DK/W

High operation security for the decanting of water

Application: a nearly energy-free decanting process without the discharge of floating and aerated sludge

System sizes: DKW 100 upto DKW 300 (more sizes on request)

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CROWN Decanting System Type LF

The inlet structure of the CROWN- decanter, type LF always is located in a floating position inside the tank. Consequently the discharge of the liquid continuously occurs near the actual water level. With the opening of a (customer-side) downstream gate…» More

CROWN-surface aerator

Decade long constantly high oxygen yield

Application: For the mixing and oxygen supply in aeration tanks.

System sizes: CROWN 750 upto CROWN 2.000 (more sizes on request)

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Automated filtration sack dewatering

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