Our references for Combined sewer overflows

Please find afterwards some references of the different product ranges.

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Our references for product group:

Lamella baffle, type LTW

Location: Germany – 35415 Dorf-Güll-Pohlheim Implementing: October 2010 Type: LTW-S 3100 Length of overflow: 3,0 m Spill flow: 920 l/s…» More

Lamella baffle, type LTW

Location: Germany – 74405 Gailsdorf Implementing: April 2010 Type: Retrofitting LTW-S 5000 Number of lamella: 7 Spill flow: 2.080 l/s (Separating structure) Lenght of overflow: 5,0 m Operating company: Gemeindeverwaltungsverband Limburger Land…» More