Our references for Wastewater treatment

Please find afterwards some references of the different product ranges.

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Our references for product group:

Wastewater treatment plant „Garden of Eden“

St. Vlas, Bulgaria Connection load: 2.500 p.e. Footprint: 15 x 20 m Daily amount of sewage: 500 m³ Plant stages: Inlet pumping station with buffer tank SBR-reactor Sludge storage tank…» More

Wastewater treatment plant Tinapa

Location: Nigeria – Tinapa Connection load: 10.000 p.e. Footprint: 17 x 33 m Daily amount of sewage: 1.200 m³ Plant stages: Inlet crusher system Two SBR-reactors  …» More

Wastewater treatment plant Tirana airport

Location: Albania - Tirana airport Connection load: 2.353 p.e. Footprint: 15.0 x 17.4 m Daily amount of sewage: 130 m3 Plant stages: Inlet pumping station (sanitary sewage) Inlet pumping station (aircraft sewage) Compact sieve station SBR-reactor Sludge storage tank…» More