Circular lamella baffle built-in

In a rainstorm, it’s not just the water quantity which can lead to problems – coarse solids can also be difficult to deal with. Hygiene articles or other waste can result in unwanted pollution, which can even be environmentally damaging, at inflow locations to receiving waterways. Lamella baffles can provide help.

Functional description

The circular lamella baffle, type LTW-R is a baffle system which serves the purpose of effectively retaining floating matter and consists of lamellas counteracting the discharge of solids through their optimum hydraulic arrangement. The arrangement in the separating structure is possible independently of the geometry of the building. For this reason, the lamella baffle can be used on almost all structures. Moreover, the lamella baffle can be retrofitted very easily in existing separating structures on account of the modular construction. Even small access openings are sufficient for the introduction and the subsequent assembly of the individual modules. Regardless of the respective installation the system reflects the guidelines – as described under ATV A 166 and A 111 – and en-

  • Simple retrofitting to existing structures
  • Attachment possible through even the smallest openings
  • Compact construction thanks to modular arrangement
  • Operation without external energy
  • Low-maintenance