ALPHEUS type AADue to the presence of sewage related debris it is possible for the standard version of the ALPHEUS FLOW LIMITER to suffer from blockages. These can be overcome by operating personnel using a manual pulling device. However, several hours or even days can pass between the blockage occurring and its detection removal, as tank checks are mostly carried out at set intervals. For this reason, BIOGEST has developed the ALPHEUS AUTOMATIC. The flow regulation of the ALPHEUS AUTOMATIC TYPE is identical to that of the ALPHEUS STANDARD TYPE. However in addition to the manual pulling device, the AUTOMATIC TYPE has a system, which automatically detects and removes a blockage. This TYPE should be given preference, particularly in combined water systems and for low pass forward flow rates (<10 l/s).

Operational description

When no power supply is available, the ALPHEUS FLOW LIMITER is the correct regulator for the job. Installed in front of the discharge orifice of a sewerage system in a wet chamber installation, the designed discharge rate is accurately controlled – irrespective of the water level in the tank.
Accurate control, irrespective of head, is achieved with the help of a float, which is located inside the ALPHEUS’ housing. The key design feature is that the housing is designed as a submersible bell: I.e. it is open at the bottom but is otherwise hermetically sealed. Consequently air is trapped within the housing and the water level inside the bell rises less than the level in the storm water tank because of the air pocket. The benefit of the differential pressure is that the unit is smaller as we need less travel to achieve full regulation. This reduced travel action enables a very compact unit design, which allows the ALPHEUS FLOW LIMITER to be installed even in very confined conditions. A further important advantage of the submersible bell housing over other designs is that the control mechanism lies inside the air zone, i.e. outside the wastewater and the risk of ragging is therefore prevented.

  • Automatic operation no power required
  • Automatic de-blocking
  • No separate shaft required
  • Economical retro fitting
  • TÜV approved vertical Q/H characteristic
  • Active restrictor in accordance with ATV A111
  • High quality stainless steel construction


The ALPHEUS-Flow-Limiter Type AUTOMATIC can be manufactured in the following sizes DN 100 up to DN 350 for desired flow rates from 2 l/s to 185 l/s. Larger units and special requirements are available on request.