Float operated valveTraditional methods of flow control were crude devices that required manual input with a change of head to readjust the flow. This is now both impractical and inefficient. Modern drainage systems demand intelligent and accurate methods of flow control that automatically re-adjust with changes in the water level.

Although it is possible to carry out this function simply with a power supply. Most locations will not have power available. Therefore a float operated system is required.

Short operation description

In normal dry weather flow the gate plate is in the open position and the orifice is unrestricted. During storm activity the chamber will fill and exceed the hydraulic capacity of the valve leading to backing up in the chamber the float will rise with the water level progressively closing the gate plate as it does so. The onward flow is calculated using the estimated maximum head and the orifice area.

  • No separate regulator shaft
  • Easy to retrofit
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Optional manual release for channel flush
  • Optional integrated slide valve
  • Automatic operation no power required


The float controlled valve type SWDS can be delivered in nominal sizes DN 100 up to DN 1000 for valve capacities of 2 up to 2400 l/s. Larger units and special requirements can be produced on request.