Throttle  penstock Throttle penstocks have the task of restricting the pass forward flow during storm conditions and are used to limit the flow from storm water retention tanks, sewers, retention tanks or overflow chambers to a preset value. The max. flow rate is obtained when having the maximum water head.

Product description

The orifice of a throttle penstock is calculated to have a certain clear opening dependant upon the max. flow rate and max. water head. During storm weather conditions the water level rises in the retention tank. As the level rises the pressure increases and the flow through the orifice increases until the max. water head is reached.

  • Minimal space required for the direct fix flat slide throttle penstock
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel, material 1.4301 (equals AISI 316) or as an option
  • material 1.4571 (equals AISI 316TI)
  • Hydraulic calculation to adjust the throttle penstock to the flow rate
  • Scale to control the adjusted rest opening of the gate/shutter plate
  • Operation and adjustment possible without man entry into chamber
  • Easy installation
  • Spindle extension choice. Including wall support for the spindle and key or spindle cap.


The throttle penstocks are available from DN 100 to DN 1000. Larger sizes are available on request.