Flushing gates type KSThe BIOGEST- Flushing System Type KS consist of one or more gates, manufactured from stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316Ti) in several sizes.

The principal parts of the system consist of the following: the gate, the gate frame, the gate lock, the hydraulic-cylinder, the hydraulic-power pack and the BIOGEST-control panel.

Operational description

Both the tank and flushing chamber are empty. In dry weather situation the gate hang loose on the frame and stays open. During a storm the level in the storm tank/sewer will rise and the gate will be closed following a signal from the float switch. The hydraulic pump starts and drives the shaft, which in turn closes the gate. As soon as the gate is closed it is locked mechanically the hydraulic pump shuts off. The flushing chamber fills as the level rises within the tank/sewer.

The storm subsides and the storage chamber empties leaving sludge and other sewage related debris on the chamber floor.

Once the tank is empty the flushing sequence starts automatically. The float switch sends a signal to the control panel. The solenoid valve then turns the hydraulic pump on. The drive shaft reverses and release the retaining lock hooks. The gate swings open due to the pressure of the head in the flushing chamber releasing the flush water and cleaning all of the solids from the floor of the tank or sewer.

  • Suitable for use in storm tanks or sewers
  • Storm water can be used as the flushing media, so no separate water supply is required.
  • Low energy consumption (0,37 kW for 2 minutes).
  • The flushing-system is designed to provide a flushing column 3,0 meters high. The gates are hydraulically tested in the factory to a level of 4 meters.
  • Tank volume is not reduced because of the flushing-chamber.
  • The gates close only when flow enters the tank/sewer. This prevents damage to the seal caused by the gates being closed for the majority of the time. Thus the efficiency of the system is maintained over a longer period.
  • Repeated flushes possible if required.