Flushing system, type MFStorm tanks or sewers require cleaning after operation during storms due to the sediment deposited on the tank or sewer floor once the storm has subsided. If the system is not cleaned the potential for blockages is increased and malodours will occur due to septicity.

The BIOGEST-flushing-system is an ideal solution to the problem.

Flushing system description

Flushing system, step 1Both the tank and flushing chamber are empty

Flushing system, step 2

The storm begins. Combined sewage and rainwater spill into the storage chamber and rises above the siphon level of the inlet to the flushing system.

Flushing system, step 3The vacuum pump starts automatically drawing water from the storage chamber into the flushing chamber till the maximum level in the flush chamber is reached.

Flushing system, step 4The storm subsides and the storage chamber empties leaving sludge and other sewage related debris on the chamber floor. The level in the flushing chamber is still held under vacuum.

Flushing system, step 5Once the tank is empty the flushing sequence starts automatically. The vacuum seal is broken and a large volume of water surges from the flushing chamber driving all of the solids from the chamber floor.

  • No submerged moving parts, all parts serviceable without entering the tank.
  • No separate water supply required, flushing with storage water (rain- and sewage water).
  • High cleaning performance (pot. energy of up to 7 m water head).
  • Optimal flushing result, even on very long lanes and little slope.
  • Full flushing action even after small spills (most rain events).
  • Potential for a separate “dry” flush with external water supply (dry climates).
  • Flushing lane width up to 10 m with only one System.
  • The use of the system is independent of the tank geometry.
  • Low energy consumption (about 1,5 kWh per flushing).
  • Completely automatic operation, prepared for a remote control System.
  • No maintenance within the tank for greater health and safety.
  • Minimal maintenance (oil change).
  • Excellent quality – low whole of life cost.