Flushing system, type MF


  • Flushing storm water, surface water, combined sewage/storm, raw sewage storage tanks & equalization basins
  • No submerged parts – No hazardous man entry for service or installation
  • No foreign energy required
  • Rectangular tanks, circular tanks and sewer applications possible
  • Short Operation Description

In a storm event the storage tank starts to fill as the network reaches full capacity. During storage solids settle in the base of the tank and in order to retain storage capacity and to eliminate the potential for odours the tank will need to be flushed. When the level in the storage system rises the Hydro-pneumatic sensor starts to get under the water level and the pressure in the hose to the diaphragm valve rises. A special pressure difference valve closes the diaphragm valve. The water level in the flushing chamber rises conform to the water level in the tank.

Once the water level in the tank and flushing chamber has reached it highest level, the closed diaphragm valve will ensure that the water in the flushing chambers will be hold to that level. If the level in the tank falls under the level of the Hydro-pneumatic sensor in the sump, the pressure difference valve will be released and opens the diaphragm valve allowing the rapid influx of air in the flushing chamber, this in turn forces the contents of the flushing chamber into the storage system.

The result is a large surging volume of water which efficiently cleans the floor of sludge and other sewage related debris. The water level in the flushing chamber will never be higher than the maximum level in the tank during the rain event. During further rainfalls the circle starts again.

  • No electrical power require
  • No maintenance within the tank for greater health and safety
  • No submerged moving parts, all parts serviceable without entering tank
  • Optimal flushing result even with very long flushing lanes and small slope
  • High cleaning performance (pot. energy of up to 10 m water head)
  • The use of the system is independent of the tank geometry (rectangular and circular)
  • Flushing lane width up to 10 m
  • No separate water supply required, system flushed with storage water