The SA can be used when it is desirable to completely close a chamber inlet/outlet at a pre-determined water level within the chamber. The SA can be used to limit the top water level as well as a non-return valve. The SA is a reliable non-powered alternative to an electrically actuated penstock.

Application Range

  • For regulating and diverting rain-water, within a channel separation system. The SA will allow the first flush containing sewage related debris, oil and grit to pass to the foul sewer and thereafter regulate or prevent cleaner rainwater from entering the foul sewer.
  • Diversion of rainwater into swales or other storm water division systems and regulating the flow out of the same.
  • To control the inlet rate into a pumping station wet well (e.g. failure of pump)
  • To control the top water level in a chamber.
  • Flood prevention, especially during power cuts.


  • Installed on the wet side – No separate chamber required. Space saving and no complicated benching required. No need for a head loss.
  • No power required.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel, corrossion resistant.
  • High efficiency at a low capital and running cost.
  • Compact -suitable for retro-fitting into existing chambers.
  • Quick & easy installation