CROWN-disintegration system at Munchwilen, SwitzerlandThe objective of BIOGEST AG is to provide users of CROWN™-disintegration systems with a highly efficient technical system whose components can be operated and maintained without any problems by the sewage plant staff.

In majority of the projects the use of specific sewage plant components and the excellent value for money results in very short payback periods.

Operational description

The CROWN™-disintegration system works according a hydro dynamic principle which is generated in fluidic terms by pressure (operating pressure approx. 10 bar).

This has the following results:

  • Chlamydia-form organisms are crushed
  • the flake structure is changed
  • the biological activity is increased
  • the viscosity is changed
  • the milieu is changed
  • the concept of the CROWN disintegration system ensures a insensitive and stable procedure

System advantages

  • Increase of the decomposition of organic substances in the digestion process
  • Increase of the biogas yield
  • Saving on flocculation aids
  • Increase of the DS level during sludge drying
  • Reduction of the quantity of sludge for disposal
  • Controlling of foaming in the digester by destroying filamentary organisms

CROWN Disintegration System Video