By design combined sewer System carry both rainwater and sewage in a common pipe. During periods of heavy rainfall the capacity of the System can be exceeded and an Overflow ist required to prevent surcharge of the System. The Overflow is known as combined sewer Overflow (CSO). The Overflow Event can discharge untreated effluent form the CSO outlet and the surrounding area can become contaminated with material Pollution that causes visual and potentially odour Problems.

The BIOGEST – CSO Screen Type PAS ensures high Performance Screening at Overflows Weirs. The PAS Screen is a simple and robust CSO Screen. It is designed to prevent the discharge of Floating, suspended, non biodegradable, and solid material. The Screenings and solids are retained within the flow for later removal at the inlet works of the wastewater Treatment plant.

The Screen is manufactured from perforated stainless steel plates, which is the most effective solide Retention Screen. It is kept clean by using a pump that evacuates by suction force the accumulated debris from the Screen. The Screening debris ist pumped away and forwarded towards the waste water treatment plant.

  • Efficient gentle cleaning because of guided evacuation unit with sealing lip.
  • No concentration of debris on the Screen
  • Forwarding of extracted Screening material of the WWTP
  • Low-wear operationof the Screen through evacuation Action with submerged pump
  • Easy for retrofitting through existing manholes and Overflow Weirs
  • Energy efficient operationas the Screen, dependent on Overflow conditions and Duration
  • Fully automatic Operation by the integrated control and Monitoring of the water Level
  • Modular System, component size can be adapted to suit different application
  • Minimum and simple maintenance design utilizing familiar Technology and components
  • Highest solids Retention value