CF800x600 Waste water sewer and channels with little slope can causes sediments during dry weather operation. Storm water catchment channels create sediments during storm events due to the sediment deposited on the channels or sewer floor. This creates potential for blockages and malodours will occur due to septicity.
The BIOGEST- Channel Flushing Gate Type CF is the ideal solution to avoid such problem.
Flushing and cleaning of large channels, sewers storage and sewage systems
The gate width will depend on the diameter of the channel. The standard dimensions are from DN 600 to DN 2000. Other sizes on special request.




Advantages of the flushing System Type CF

  • Flushing of channels and sewers on long section
  • Channel water can be used as the flushing media, so no separate water supply is required
  • No hidrance and reduction of the pipe diameter as the plate is in open position out of the crosssection
  • Operation in different flushing programs possible and prepared for telecontrol
  • Easy retrofit in existing channel System
  • Low energy consumption
  • Combination with BIOGEST flow regulators possible

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