Flow regulator overview

Flow regulators have the task of restricting the pass forward flow during storm conditions and are used to regulate the flow from storm water retention tanks, sewers, retention tanks or overflow chambers to a preset value independent of the head, whilst allowing a constant flow.

Some retention bassins do have little requirements on the throttle accuracy but require a complete open coss-section without moving parts for little blockage risk. Cyclon vortex throttles do have a big market acceptance because of these advantages and it’s simple construction.

The applications for robust vortex throttles are manifold and there exist a very long experience with these throttles.

A stainless steel Vortex Flow Control consists out of a cyclone like body suited with a specific inlet and outlet. It can be installed wet and semidry.

Detailed specifications and constructional details of the mentioned Flow Controls can also be demanded by info(@)biogest.com

Product specification

Optionally the Flow Control can be fitted with an integrated bypass system. This system will assure a full bypass of the wastewater in the case of blockage in the Flow Control. This bypass system can be operated by means of a manual pulling cord which is to be fitted just below the manhole.

The Vortex flow regulator Type UCY is a wet installed unit. Therefore, in contrast to semi-dry installations, there is no need of a separate throttle manhole needed.

Web Installation Type WAB-UCY

However, in order to be able to empty the manhole in the event of an accident, a separate emergency drain should be forseen. The Vortex flow regulator consists of an inlet, a conical vortex chamber and an outlet, which can be fixed on a concrete wall or put into concrete in an opening………