The inlet structure of the CROWN- decanter, type LF always is located in a floating position inside the tank. Consequently the discharge of the liquid continuously occurs near the actual water level. With the opening of a (customer-side) downstream gate valve the liquid discharge can be initiated. By closing the gate valve the discharge of liquid can be stopped. The bar-screen shaped retention unit in front of the inlet opening of the effluent pipe safely prevents a discharge of soilds (wood etc.). The system-related advantages of the described CROWN decanter, type LF can be summarized as follows:

  • Continuously liquid discharge
  • No output of floating solids because of the retention unit in front of the outlet pipe
  • Decanting without energy consumption
  • Adjustability of the discharge power by changing the filling inside the floats and consequently changing the depth of Immersion
  • All stainless steel constructions are produced in the quality 1.4301 (V2A)
  • Decade long service life, because BIOGEST®µ AG only uses robust materials (stainless steel) and components for the manufacturing of the decanting System
  • No maintenance relevant system components under water Level
  • Minimal maintenance efforts, because the corresponding efforts are limited to the controlling of the retention unit.