ventilation-and-circulationPURITAINER – is a mobile wastewater treatment plant for the biological treatment of domestic sewage and is manufactured as a norm container including the complete technical equipment for the biological purification of wastewater. Ideal application: camps, settlements, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and sanitariums, barracks, campsites and holiday villages.

The sophisticated design of PURITAINER-wastewater treatment plants ensures that the cleaning performance is very high regardless of smaller power ratings and the often adverse operating conditions. The treated wastewater can be easily discharged into rivers, lakes and others. The PURITAINER-wastewater treatment plant of BIOGEST are produced of corrosion-resistant steel. This durable material has proven useful in more than 200 applications. The dimensioning of the PURITAINER is based on the German guidelines of the “DWA – Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V.”.

The PURITAINER primarily consists of a 40“ open-top container with standardized ISO-dimensions for an easy transportation. The container has a dividing wall for the realization of a inlet buffer tank and a SBR-reactor. The PURITAINER is a nearly ready-for-use system, that means all technical components are pre-assembled inside the container. So before the start-up it is only necessary to establish the connection for the power supply and also for the inlet and outlet pipe.

  • Rapid delivery through use of system components
  • Easy transportation by container construction method
  • ready-to-delivery through complete pre-assembly
  • robust and proven technology
  • simple operation
  • fully automatic plant operation
  • repeated use of mobile applications
  • consistently high cleaning performance