Tag: storm water system

Circular lamella baffle, Type LTW-R

Effective solids retention without cross-flow or suction effect

Applications: Lamella baffle systems for round or relief thresholds for circular dam overflows in sewer systems (eg, cups or pots source)

Dimensions: A flexible system with respect to the structural geometry using adaptive system models

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Lamella baffle, Type LTW

Targeted retention of gross solids and floaters

Applications: The unit can be designed to suit most existing CSO chambers, and as it has no moving parts, is ideal for remote CSO’s. Type LTW-V retaining solids on an overflow basin from a storm storage system Type LTW-T retaining solids on an overflow within a cso system Type LTW-S retaining solids on an overflow from a storm storage system

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A proven and effective method of flow control

Applications: Installation in a dry or semi dry chamber of storm water storage tanks, sewers, retention tanks, overflow chamber

Nominal Sizes: The ALPHEUS AT range can pass forward flows between 2 and 680 l/s. Sizes from DN 100 up to DN 600. Other sizes on request.

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